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Are You Running Out of Storage Space?

By Randy Mate 

   Are you trying to figure out what you're going to do with all your stuff? There are many things you can do to make more room. Here are some ideas:

   1.     Set up free standing bookshelves. This can be done by either buying some shelves that are already put together or by getting shelves that you "match the numbers" on and put the correct screw in the correct hole. Whatever you do when you are dealing with free standing shelves, you are going to want to attach the shelves to the walls so they don't fall over in the event some sort of earth motion were to take place.

    Put shelf strips on the walls that take "clip in" supports. These are pretty simple. You put these strips onto the walls (it is best to hit a stud) and then you can buy "arms" that hook onto the strips that stick out to support the shelf. The shelf is a pre-made laminated board that is made to match the "arms" and the strips. You just lay the shelves onto the arms and you are done. The best thing about these shelves is that you can adjust them in about 1 inch increments to suit whatever you are going to put on them.

3.     Put shelf brackets on the wall that you set a shelf on. These are simple "L" shaped brackets that you attach to the wall and then attach a shelf to the top of. Once these shelves are in place they would not be moved as they are all screwed in place.

4.     Put in built-in shelving or cabinets. This definitely takes more time and skill but it is where you take a space that you have that is not being utilized well enough and you build fixed cabinets however you want it to look and function. I won't get any further into this one as it could be an article of it's own.

   5.     Set up a storage shed in the yard. I'm talking about one of those sheds that you can get at Home Depot or such that you take home and put together in your yard. The most important thing about one of these things is to build a foundation of at least wood for it to sit on and it is a good idea in my opinion to make it from concrete.

    6.     Build a wood shed on a small concrete slab. In this case you are basically building a small building. Frame for concrete, put bolts into the concrete to bolt the bottom wood to, set bottom plates, build walls, build a roof, ply the outside, roof it, seal the outside and make it waterproof if need be. This is another pretty complicated one but one that with just a little study anyone could do.


   7.     Rent an outside storage space. Well I guess I don't have to say any more than that.

    8.     Put an addition on your home. Add anything from a closet to another floor to your house. This could get pretty big also.

Hope this helps.

Got questions? Don't hesitate to call me at (818) 548-8760. I'm always here to help.

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Remodeling Riddle
Question - When is a door no longer a door?

Answer - When it's "ajar"!

Randy the  Handyman
More About Windows

   New Vinyl windows. Now that I am installing new dual glazed vinyl windows I realize how great they really are.

   One great thing is that they cut out a hugh amount of sound from the outside.

   You will never have to paint them again due to the fact that they are solid colored vinyl.

   When I install them I put them in so that none of the walls around on the inside or out get damaged. I just use the existing opening and put the window into that.

   The heat and cold stay inside or outside, whatever is proper.
   I can get all sorts of styles of windows such as single sliders and double sliders, picture windows, bay windows, garden windows, sliding doors, with grids or without, etc.

   I can get any type of door or window that you may want.
   They come in white, off white, bronze (black) and one company even offers them in hunter green (dark green).

   I would love to tell you more about these windows and if you have any questions just call or write and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.
   My cell is (818) 613-5632. E-Mail isncr@earthlink.net

Wishing You Success and A Great Spring! Randy






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