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By Randy Mate

People have many reasons to make changes or additions 
to their house. Expand your homes value. Redesign to 
utilize existing sq ft for some other use. I have 
been doing construction since 1977 and I can help you 
with anything you need or want.   
* Need more room for in-laws or enlarging the family. 
* Would like a Deck, Fountain, Pool, Sauna, Hot Tub, etc. 
* Modernizing a Kitchen or Bath. 
* Handicap Access.      
  If you want to do anything I can help you out from 
Start to Finish. Here at New Castle Remodeling...
"We can do it, you can watch" 
  Make sure you meet all of the city requirements 
or your project could easily be held up until 
you do. This includes necessary permits, plan 
check and so forth.     
When you want to plan a project, the basic 
sequence is... 

DESIGN -   -   Decide what you want it to 
do/look like. 
ARCHITECTURAL -  -  Figure out how to make 
that design. 
ENGINEERING -   -   Figure out structural needs 
to make that design. 
CITY PLAN CHECK -   -  Get city approved as 
PULL PERMITS -   -   As needed. 
BUILD -   -  Put it all together. 
 I am the owner of New Castle Remodeling and 
I run the jobs. If there are any questions, 
problems, production, promotion, payments, 
permits, confusions, corrections, collections, 
directions, decisions, revisions, awards, plans, 
etc, etc... 'The Buck Stops Here'. 
  If you are on a tight budget, one very important 
point to remember is that there is no "silver 
bullet" for reducing the costs of new construction. 
A house is made up of thousands of parts involving 
20 to 30 different construction trades.  
 Keep it rectangular. Maintain a simple roof line. 
The construction industry is accustomed to 
90-degree angles. 
 Stay away from highly advertised "decorator" 
items. You can buy a perfectly good dishwasher 
for under $400. It is easy to pay $1,500, but it 
won't get your dishes any cleaner. Spend your 
money on the things you see and use every day. 
  Have everything worked out before you break 
ground. If you want to see your budget blown to 
bits, start making changes after construction 
has begun.
 Don't be a trail-blazer. Forget the idea of a 
steel framed house or one made out of light 
weight concrete. There are a lot of products that 
are more suited to making the manufacturer wealthy 
than to giving you a good house for the money. 
The generic stuff that has been around a long 
time is usually best. 
  Make a list of "optional" items and how much they 
cost. This will be a great help in deciding which 
gives more value for a limited budget. Some examples
of "optional" items: granite countertops, lawn 
sprinkler system, home theater upscale plumbing 
fixtures, brick siding, upscale cabinetry, upscale 
kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures. 
  Plan to add later those things that you can't 
afford today. There are lots of things that you can 
build into a house that facilitate its being added 
onto later. There are things that can be done to 
allow the addition of "appliance" type items at a 
later date. Pre-wire for a security system, central 
vacuum system, home theatre, automatic lawn 
sprinkler system, intercom and finish them out when 
you can better afford it.
When You're Ready . . . 
Give me a call or text (818) 613-5632. I'll be glad to 
check things out and give you a quote on your home 
remodeling project. 

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    Our Mission At New Castle Remodeling Is To Listen To Each Customer's Wishes And Budget.

 Then Provide An Economical And Standard Construction Project, On Time And On Budget, With The Result Of "A Thrilled Customer". 


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Sincerely,Randy Mate
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Randy The Handyman
Why Have a Home
Inspection Done?

Because you want to know the true condition of your home or a house you are buying. You need to know more than you can see looking at visible surfaces inside and outside of your home. You need to know the condition of the plumbing, electrical, foundation, attic venting, framing, chimney and roof.
Also you should determine whether or not there is any evidence of earth settling. Call and let me know if you would like to schedule an inspection.   

My cell is (818) 613-5632. E-Mail is

Wishing You Success and A Great Spring! Randy
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 Remodeling Riddle

 Question - Why did the family always have to remodel this one room in the house every month?

 Answer - They were told it was a "wreck" room. 

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