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    Without changing the size of a room, you can make it seem a lot bigger. We recently installed two sliding glass patio doors for a couple in La Crescenta so they could have better access and a better view. We did some drawings, pulled permits then knocked out the wall and framed an opening for the patio doors. It is usual when breaking out a wall for a door to have to move electrical, such as wall plugs, and plumbing, such as the hose faucet. And, the framing must be done in such a way to maintain the support of the roof by the walls.
   The doors we installed were standard height, 6'8" - one was 6 feet wide and the other was 8 feet wide. In this case we installed dual-glazed, vinyl-clad sliding doors. "Glazed" means to put glass in a frame. "Dual" means two and dual-glazed means 2 layers of glass with a vacuum-sealed space between with an inert gas that doesn't contain moisture (so it won't condensate between the panes). Having two panes of glass acts as insulation and a buffer to noise.

     If you put a door in, you have to keep in mind what you step out onto. Need to move a planter? Or add steps down to the patio? The ground has to slope so water will not come in. After the door was installed, we patched the stucco outside and the walls inside. 
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""I  had  a  good  experience  with  Randy  Mate at  New  Castle  Remodeling - he  did  my  deck and  was  the  only  one  of  the  three contractors  to  bid  on  it  who  did  what  I instructed. You  can  see  before/after  pics  of different  jobs  and  more  references  at  his  web site." - RT

"Thank  you  for  a  job  well  done!   We  love  the  renovated  kitchen. Friends  and  family  also  gave  good  feedback." - WL
"I  would  recommend  this  contractor  to  my  own  Mother.  The  company  is  highly  reliable, personable,  and  accommodating,  functioning  completely  in  a  timely  matter."  - MR

Remodeling Riddle

Q - Why did the homeowner have
bleachers built around his house?

A - To make room for the "whole house fans".


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Barbecuing is a typical past time in the Los Angeles area. Make sure you keep safety precautions in, especially with young children around. Let them help, but don't leave them unattended around the grill.

Wishing You Success and a Great Meal! Randy

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"Like a Sandcastle, Your Home can Shift and Change with the Flow of New Ideas . . ." 



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