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The kitchen is often the most used place in your home and, thus, should get the most attention than other portions of your house. In looking over some recent studies, I found that more homeowners and buyers look to the kitchen as a focal point on buying and selling a home. It is something that will add quick value to your home and get you the best for your buck, so to speak.

With summer upon us, it makes sense to remodel your kitchen to be ready for those outdoor dinners and other entertainment activities you have planned. 

Simple things such as resurfacing cabinets or a new paint job can add a quick touch to improving your kitchen. More elaborate work such as new cabinets and/or countertops, new appliances and such will add much to your new kitchen. Making your kitchen larger is another way to help you in preparing those fancy dishes and such.

While you're at it, look at rehabbing or adding a patio to your property. Such work often goes hand in hand with re-doing one's kitchen. One key thing is to have the access to the patio as close to the kitchen as possible. In this way, you will be able to bring food and drinks in and out with ease. And don't forget to include space on your patio for the needed chairs, table(s) and that all-American favorite - a BBQ.

A 10 foot by 10 foot patio is the minimum and ideally, 10 foot by 15 foot would be best, although you can make it as big as you want.

At New Castle we can provide you with all the necessary help in getting your kitchen and/or patio remodeling or addition plans in full swing. So don't delay much longer, as the summer season is almost here and you'll not want to miss out on providing your friends and family a great season of outdoor entertainment.


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"Thank you for a job well done!  We love the renovated kitchen. Friends and family also gave good feedback." - WL
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"Knotty" Pine



Welcome to Summer.

Got ideas at what improvements you'd like to do outside your home for great summer entertaining? 
Feel free to write back to me via e-mail and give me your thoughts on my current e-mail newsletter and any other thoughts you have on your home, property and so on.
As always I'm here to service you and yours with your home remodeling needs. Give me a call at my cell (818) 613-5632. Take time and visit my Web Site 
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Randy Mate
New Castle Remodeling 

  Randy's Roundtable -

- Play Your Cards Right. Entertain This Summer With A Full "Deck" 

    The addition of a hard outdoor surface such as a deck, will increase your living space considerably. Additionally it will vastly increase your garden's usefulness. Spending time outdoors during the summer season is almost a given in Southern California. A transition area between house and garden can become a part of both and can greatly extend the season when you can enjoy your garden after the hard work of gardening is done.

   The first thought that often pops up regarding a deck is of sitting out sunning yourself, gin & tonic in hand, while assuring yourself that you are master of all you are looking at (well at least as far as the hedge or fence goes). A little extra thought will give you an area that can be used more frequently. 

   The location for your deck is usually right outside, in the back of the house. This comes in handy for many reasons. If you have small children this is very helpful, as they'll feel close to the house when playing and can easily be kept an eye on. And should you want to "eat out" during our fine summer and have barbecues or parties outside, it's more convenient if the kitchen is nearby. Keep this in mind should you consider an area further away from your house. 

    Similar to a patio, a minimum of 10ft x 10ft square will get you a small round table and 4 chairs with a bit of space to move around in. Ideally 10ft x 15ft would better suit a family with a couple of children or a couple who like to entertain. If you go larger than this, look at how this blends in with the rest of your property. 

   Sun, shade, shelter from wind & privacy. These are the other major things to look at. It's best to have a deck in a sunny location than one in the shade as you can always get the shade "covered" but the sun is not likely.  

   So don't hesitate as the summer is almost here and these things take time to build. Give me a call and I'll make a deal on a deck that you and yours will be proud to entertain relatives and friends on these upcoming months. And if you already have a deck we can help you in any needed repairs or maintenance you may need as well.

Good Decking,

Don't wait - call my office today - (818) 548-8760! Or better yet browse over to my web site atwww.newcastleremodeling.com
to gather more information and take my quick survey for a free gift card!

Randy The Handyman 
Build a Large Deck

You could add a 1st or 2nd story deck to your house with a new large
sliding glass door to go out to the deck. You would now have a place to put plants, BBQ a meal, or for yourself, outside on a nice day.
You may want to add a deck in the back yard up the hill to have a nice
view. Even put a hot tub in the deck. Build a deck all around your pool.

Wishing You Success, 
Call me today at 
(818) 613-5632 for your free estimate! 

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