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Like a Sandcastle, Your Home can Shift and Change with the Flow of New Ideas . . .


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By Randy Mate 

"Great quality. I give it 5 stars. Never had better!" - Leona

"I had a good experience with Randy Mate at New Castle Remodeling - he did my deck and was the only one of the three contractors to bid on it who did what I instructed. You can see before/after pics of different jobs and more references at his web site." - RT

"Thank you for a job well done!  We love the renovated kitchen. Friends and family also gave good feedback." - WL

    Our Mission At New Castle Remodeling Is To Listen To Each Customer's Wishes And Budget.
    Then Provide An Economical And Standard Construction Project, On Time And On Budget, With The Result Of "A Thrilled Customer".


Remodeling Riddle
Question - Why did the carpenter specialize in doors only?

Answer - He figured in that way he'd be "A Door Able".
Now Doing Soft-Story Retrofits . . .
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Summer is here.

Got ideas at what improvements you'd like to do around your home for great summer entertaining and more?
Feel free to write back to me via e-mail and give me your thoughts on my current e-mail newsletter and any other thoughts you have on your home, property and so on.
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Randy Mate

  Randy's Roundtable -


   When I am doing an estimate, I can do it in several ways: 
     I can figure it up based on exact specifications and exact plans: this method is good because the only variable is the labor and overhead cost from company to company.  However it does require those exact plans and specifications. Every item in the project must be named exactly and must be available at the time the project is done.  
     I can figure it out based on what I want to do and how I want it to look: this method is only good if you want what I want.
     I can figure it out based on a budget: this method is good because I can offer the customer choices based on that budget.           For instance I can do away with the marble tile on the floors and suggest a better product that will bring the job more within the budget. I can also suggest a lower priced option to help bring the cost down below the budget.
     Additions and remodels can vary greatly in cost. From an open patio cover to a fully equipped kitchen or bathroom, costs range from $50.00 to $500.00 or more per square foot.  
     Budget plays a big part in many projects. For this reason, I get with a customer first and work out a ballpark price on the job. When I am going over the project like this, if I get the budget from the customer, I can give them a bid that fits into that budget. If I am told a budget that cannot be met, I can advise the person to increase their budget or change the scope of work.

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Randy The Handyman 
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"Like a Sandcastle, Your Home can Shift and Change with the Flow of New Ideas . . ." 



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