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Randy Mate Planning a Remodeling Project or Room Addition?
 Here’s Some Advice . . .

 By Randy Mate


You’d like to sell your home, but you decide maybe this isn’t a good time. However, maybe it is a good time to make some home improvements you have been thinking about. Whether it’s a small remodeling project, room addition or a larger scale renovation, it helps you to know there’s a sequence of events -- from planning to completion -- that will guide you to success.    

First: Your initial ideas. Prepare a written description. Be as specific as you can, but keep an open mind. When you begin talking with professionals (contractors, etc.), they may suggest some additional ideas or options you haven’t thought of.    

Second: Your budget. Obviously, the scope of your project will determine its cost, so be realistic about how much you can invest. My advice is to set a range, with at least 10 percent for contingencies that may occur during the project.

Once you’ve decided on your initial ideas and budget, the next step is selecting a contractor. Make certain the contractor is licensed. There’s a website where you can check: Since most of my business comes by referrals, I recommend that you ask friends, neighbors, colleagues at work, etc., who’ve had similar work done in their homes, who they hired as a contractor – and would they hire that contractor again?    

Interview more than one contractor before making your selection. Consider the contractor’s quality of work and experience, estimated timeline and cost. There’s also a good “chemistry” that should exist between you and the contractor. During the interview is time to ask lots of questions – and don’t hesitate to ask for and check references, assurance of proper bonding, and even visit projects that the contractor has completed.
Next steps in the sequencing usually are:
 *Acquire financing based on the initial estimate.

 * Project design.
 * Soil testing and report (if needed).
 * Architectural and engineering services (if needed).
 * Plans submitted to and approval by the city.
 * Written contract to exact dollar amounts, build time and payment schedule.
 * Project permits “pulled.”
 * Start the build!!
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